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It’s more than a nuisance.

There are many serious health risks associated with snoring.

Zz Snore is an anti snoring solution that has been used in Europe for over 20 years! It’s simple and easy to use. The active ingredient lubricates the back of the sinuses down the throat and tightens the muscles that loosen while you sleep – this is the cause of the most common snoring. This anti snore solution is used by many doctors and patients as a clean bacteria-free solution.


1. Why Is ZzSnore a Better Alternative Than a Mouthpiece or Chinstrap Device?

Mouthpiece or chinstrap stop snoring devices are popular in the marketplace as they may help stop snoring. The problem is that many people simply cannot keep using them for one or more of the following reasons:

* The device falls out of a person’s mouth during the night.
* Many people complain of jaw pain after using a mouthpiece or strap device and over time can lead to a change in physiology that will affect you bite.
* They interfere with many dental conditions including customers who have dentures.

The most common complaint we’ve heard is that a mouthpiece or chinstrap device is simply too uncomfortable to use on a regular basis. ZzSnore provides a device free solution for its customers that is an easy and comfortable way to stop snoring.


2. How Long Has ZzSnore Been On The Market?

For over 20 years, people in Europe have been raving about this stop snoring product. ZzSnore is the brand name used and licensed for the U.S. market!


3. Is ZzSnore FDA registered?

Yes, ZzSnore has been registered with the FDA as an over-the-counter product.


4. How long will it take for ZzSnore to work?

It varies by individual. Some customers have reported that they stopped snoring the first night they used the product, while other customers have said that it took 7 to 10 days before their snoring stopped. The time differential is dependent on several factors, one being the throat muscles; which are trained to tighten as if you’re awake – the thickness of the membranes determines the time it takes to absorb to tighten.


6. Is ZzSnore really a nasal spray? I don’t like nasal sprays.

Yes and no. While the label identifies ZzSnore as a “nasal spray” it has a patented delivery system that disperses about a multi-raindrop sized amount of solution. It does not deliver a powerful mist like other nasal spray products that can cause coughing or irritation. ZzSnore is not like other nasal sprays, as the patented delivery system is designed to bypass the sinuses and deliver the solution to the back of the sinuses, so it drips down the back of the sinuses and the throat. Our users have told us that it is much more pleasant to use than the traditional “Sinus Spray.”


7. Does ZzSnore taste bad?

ZzSnore has no perceivable taste.


8. Will I have to use ZzSnore every night?

For best results, we recommend that you use ZzSnore every night. That said, some users have told us that they can occasionally skip a night and still not snore. Many have found that, as the throat muscles are trained, they can go many days without using the product.


9. Will ZzSnore work on an airplane?

Absolutely! In fact, many of our customers insist on traveling with ZzSnore and keep a bottle in their briefcase, purse or carry-on (the bottles are small enough to be allowed through security). Airplane air is very low in humidity, aggravating a dry throat or sinuses and can increase snoring. The same goes with many hotel rooms.


10. Is ZzSnore backed by clinical trials?

Yes, ZzSnore is backed by several clinical trials. Trial data can be found on our web site.


11. Is ZzSnore guaranteed?

Yes. Try ZzSnore for 30 days. If you are unhappy with it for any reason at all simply contact us for a prompt and full refund (excluding shipping costs).


12. How do I use ZzSnore ?

Simply pump our patented delivery pump 4 to 6 times in each nostril before bedtime. The pump delivers a multi-raindrop solution – make sure you position the pump to shoot past your sinuses, no solution should drip out of your nose, you should feel a small drip in the throat. Alternately, you can pump 5 times directly to the back of your throat. Over time, you may find that you can reduce the number of pumps and still get results.


13. Are there any side-effects?

Customers in Europe have used the product for over 20 years with no reports of any significant side effects.


14. Is ZzSnore available in stores?

Not yet. At this time, you can purchase ZzSnore on Amazon, and our Facebook website. Please be sure to visit our Facebook site as we often post specials for those who “like” our page.

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