Snoring Facts


Snoring is a very common issue amongst people. It leads to lack of sleep, as well as the development of possibly fatal diseases, such as strokes, digestive disorders among other conditions.

Snoring increases risk of up to 4,8 times of developing cancer

A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health came to the conclusion that oxygen starvation enhances the chances of tumor growth. Read more »

Snoring can kill your sex life.

Snoring is ruining the sex lives of one in four couples, a survey says. Twenty-five per cent sleep separately to avoid the racket, while half admit it affects their relationship. Read more »

Zz Snore snoring solution are clinical proven

Zz Snore is a clinical proven in comprehensive clinical studies carried out by leading scientists in University Hospitals in London and Copenhagen. The results from customer feedbacks have shown that snoring is eliminated or considerably reduced in nearly 3 out of 4 persons.

International research has shown that snorers have considerably lower quality of life.

Snoring results in decreased quality of life over a period of time resulting in cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, stress and premature death. Read more »

Woman, who snore, are twice as likely to develop cardiovascular diseases.

An American study managed by Dr. Frank Hu from Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, on snoring and its effect on serious cardiovascular diseases done among 72,000 nurses shows considerably increased risk of cardiovascular diseases among female snorers. Read more »

Snorers have headaches and migraines three times more than others.

The science group from National Institute of Aging in Maryland has studied the snoring habits of 206 people with chronic daily headache and of 507 persons with only occasional headache. It revealed that overall the habitual snoring was three times as common among the patients with headache as among the other people in the control group. Read more »

The sexual function of snorers are affected.

An English study conducted by Dr. Madani on 5,000 snorers shows decreased sexual functioning. Read more »

Snoring, Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension, and Growth Retardation of the Fetus

An study published in CHEST Journal suggests a connection between snoring and Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension, and Growth Retardation of the Fetus among pregnant women. Read more »

Heavy snorer develop obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS)

Studies shows that a majority of patients with heavy snoring had signs of pharyngeal afferent and efferent nerve lesions. These lesions may cause the collapse of upper airways in OSAS in heavy snorers. Since it is not known who will develop OSAS, early effective treatment of snoring is recommended. Read more »